Jean-Claude Biguine Taught Us How To Do The Easiest Beach Waves


When it comes to hair, there’s one look that’s pretty much a universal perennial favourite – the easy, tousled beach waves, also reiterated as cool girl hair – and it has been more than just a passing trend. Inspired by the mussed-up appearance your salt-infused hair assumes after a day at the beach, the look is effortlessly chic and totally hot all year round.

As the story goes, recently, when we dropped in to Jean-Claude Biguine Paris Salon & Spa to chat about summer hair trends with their lovely head stylist Tanya, we thought it would be a great idea to ask the expert herself to show us the easiest way to get the most perfect beach waves. Komal volunteered to play training model for the day and the result, as you’ll see, was a gorgeous head of waves – sans the surf!

Go grab a beach towel and get ready to master the art of the always on-trend beach waves. Bonus: It’s all of 4 steps!



This is easy. Wash your hair – or dampen it well enough – and spritz some texturizing mousse or spray in. It’s the only way your beachy dream is going to last more than an hour, especially if you have fine hair that usually falls flat.

“Avoid using the hairbrush too much at this point,” says Tanya. “You want to create a textured, undone look, so the more you smooth it by combing, the harder it is to create that effect.”




Just like how Tanya has done below, section your hair by rolling up most of it on the top of the head and securing with a clip, leaving only one layer at the bottom to start creating the waves. All you do now is remove a little section running horizontally to work on as you go.

Comb it out.




Now, there are two ways of going about creating your waves that Tanya showed us.

If you’re more of a hair minimalist or don’t fancy to applying unnecessary heat to damaged or fine hair, you could use a ceramic hair brush to get the look: run each section of the hair through the brush, twisting and blow drying as you go. Take time with each section though – you want to make sure your hair is going to turn into waves and stay that way.



Or, if you don’t mind getting some heat in, the flat iron is an easy, quick option. Wrap a section of hair around the iron (from the middle to about an inch from the ends), hold firmly and tug lightly to set it in an easy wave.



See how she did it? Take a closer at the technique – it’s pretty much all you need to know to nail the look.


“Use a one-inch barrel for shorter hair and a wider barrel for longer hair. Also, curly, fine and textured hair requires medium heat, while thick hair that doesn’t hold curls easily can use a higher temperature,” tips off Tanya. For an extra messy look, twist each section before you curl it.



Once you’re done with the entire head, finish off with a volumizing texture spray and run your fingers through, tossing your tresses around.


… and you’re done! Beach or no beach, your perfect marine-inspired waves are sure to keep you in a vacay state of mind.



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Courtesy: Jean-Claude Biguine Paris Salon & Spa



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