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6 Interior Design Tips Straight From The Kardashians

Meghana Rabindranath

Now, you too can add a touch of Kardashian glam to your home

I honestly cannot remember a time when I scrolled through any of my social media news feeds and didn’t see the Kardashian Klan pop up. Really, I’m not even mad; these women have made it, and while half the world is busy hating on them, the other half is still besotted. I mean if you can’t beat them join them, am I right?

And maybe we hate on them for their over-the-top everything, but you’ve got to admit – when it comes to their homes, these girls know what’s going on.

We’ve already got a first-hand look at their homes from KUWTK and while each of them have unique taste let's look at what binds the family in home décor and style. Kourtney and Khloe made their debut on Architectural Digest in 2016 and Kris Jenner also featured this Christmas, for her Winter Wonderland themed home.

We’ve put together a bunch of Kardashian-inspired tips for some of your own home style inspo.

Don’t Leave Anything Out On Counters

The oldest Kardashian takes her storage seriously; her advice to a neat looking home is leaving nothing on the counters- whether it’s kitchen tools or makeup. Kourtney has elegant inbuilt drawers all over her home that have specifically assigned items ranging from her kitchen knives to her sunglasses and her home remains flawless with three children running around (what sorcery!). But don’t worry; we know she’s human because she, like all mortals has a “junk drawer”.


Choose A Distinct Colour Scheme

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It’s clear that the Kardashians love their neutrals, whether it’s their style or their makeup. It’s the same when it comes to their homes. To emulate their love for all things neutral, stick with soothing beige and white palettes complemented by black and grey accents to add depth and dimension to any space.


Style Outdoor Spaces With Standout Pieces

If you're lucky enough to have a breezy outdoor space that you would like to dress up, Khloe’s backyard is #goals. Complete with comfy fabric daybeds, an inlaid fireplace with a mixture of Middle Eastern inspired embellishments pulls it all together. Martyn Bullard, the interior decorator of Khloe’s home, claims that it’s remarkably easy to brighten up a space with just a few standout pieces. Our advice if you don’t have a backyard that overlooks a huge pool and a fountain? Less is more. Choose a pretty palette, small standout pieces like plants or pots and some comfortable loungers and you’ve pulled a Khloé! (Well, kind-of.)


Keep it Klassy

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Although this family isn't afraid to go over-the-top when it comes to, well, everything, the ladies know restraint is important at home. Each Kardashian home is lavish but minimal – think neutral palettes with statement pieces to add glamour.


Mix It Up

From checkered floors to neon lights, these girls know how to add a dash of fun to the mix. Though the Kardashian homes are usually neutral these ladies aren’t afraid to add some cheeky traces of fun to space. Let’s explain; inside Kris Jenner's lust-worthy white marble closet lies a multi-shelved Birkin wall displaying her Hermès' collection with a sassy hot pink neon glow sign that reads "Need Money For Birkin" custom made by artist Beau Dunn. So don’t be afraid to mix it up and add some personality (hopefully yours!) to the space.


Be Yourself No Matter What

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If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Kardashians, it’s that being yourself can get you far. The girls don’t shy away from projecting their personalities onto their homes: With Kylie’s ‘boys’ room’ filled with copies of Playboy magazines, whiskey glasses and cigars, to Kourtney’s decorative skull cabinet, these unique personalised touches are what make a house a home. Our take; don’t be embarrassed by what you like, even if it may not be in fashion. Find a way for your personality to seep through every aspect of your home and you’re good to go!


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