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How Healthy Is It To Keep Up With The Kardashians?

Meghana Rabindranath

Breaking down the most popular Kardashian endorsed products

It’s no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner women take the business of being a celebrity very seriously. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying their appeal – and since millions of women (and men) the world over want to be just like them, the family have ever so generously found a way to help their fans – through endorsements.

Though there have been speculations about the products they endorse and with the Federal Communications Commission warning the sisters to take down numerous posts on the basis of false advertising and deceptive marketing, that doesn’t stop their endorsements from routinely selling out (like the Kylie Lip Kits). The sisters have since countered the issue with a tiny addition to their posts about the latest miracle product with the hashtag: #ad under each one, so at least you’ll know when they’re shilling something - hopefully.

We’ve found a list of the most popular Kardashian certified products and break down whether they work and are as harmless as they seem. Spoiler alert: prepare to be disappointed. 


SugarBear Hair Vitamins


These adorable electric blue little gummy bears have been a constant presence on the Kardashians Instagram feeds. The gummies claim to stimulate hair growth with the help of natural vitamins and are also gluten- and sugar-free.  We’ve got to admit they are pretty darn delicious! Also, it’s pretty tough not going over the 2-a-day limit, to be honest! The vitamins come in a one, three and six-month packs. The result after a 30-day dose? Sadly, no difference except for some new baby hairs - but that was the extent of it. 


Should You Keep Up? Maybe Not

SugarBear recently made news when it was found that the supplements contained a high level of lead not to mention way higher proportions of the ingredients than are considered safe: 70% more biotin than claimed on the label; 72% more vitamin B12 and, 73% more B6.  Though your body gets rid of the excessive vitamins, loading up on them puts pressure on your liver and may cause problems in large doses when taken regularly.


Waist Trainers


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So this one is definitely a Kardashian favourite – these are the women who made tiny waists and big bottoms popular again, so it makes sense that they’re shilling a product that claims to do at least one of those things. Waist trainers are corset-like contraptions that cinch your core and back to give you a curvy waist. They basically squeeze you until your body moulds itself into a slimmer figure. Though it’s hard to admit, this thing actually works! (It actually took around 2 inches off my waist) I mean, that’s if you consider breathlessness a small price to pay for a slimmer waist. 


Should You Keep Up? Maybe Not

The whole premise of these corset-like contraptions is compressing your lungs and ribs, which isn’t great for you in the long run. Which is also what makes it hard to breathe! Also, if you keep wearing it for an extended period of time: think displaced organs, compressed lungs, and in some serious cases even fractured ribs. Also, once you stop wearing it, the inches will pile right back on. It's true there are no shortcuts in life.


Flat Tummy Tea


Even the extended family endorses this one (we see you, Scott Disick). Flat Tummy Tea is another regular on the endorsement wagon; the sisters claim to owe their flat toned stomachs to this supposedly magical tea. So does that mean we are to disregard their constant workout updates on Snapchat? The natural tea cleanses, with the combination of green and oolong tea extract with peppermint and lemon, claims to reduce bloating, increase metabolism and energy levels and also, yes, flatten that tummy. 


Should You Keep Up? Maybe Not

During the cleanse, you're expected to maintain a clean diet with no alcohol or caffeine and supplement this with exercise which, let’s face it, would probably help with weight loss regardless of whether you’re drinking the tea! Also, according to reviews by Teen Vogue and numerous customers, it has been found that excessive consumption of the tea can result in stomach cramps and diarrhoea, changes in electrolyte balance and cause muscle weakness. Also, you will frequent your bathroom a lot. A lot. Just so you know!


Mink Eyelashes 


There is a lot to notice about Kylie no doubt, and when plastic looking lashes just won't do, Kylie saves the day. The Kylie endorsed mink fur eyelash extensions provide realistic-looking longer eyelashes and clearly, she just can't get enough, by the looks of it – she’s claimed to love the product everywhere, from her Snapchats to her Instagram page. 


Should You Keep Up? Maybe Not

Okay, so maybe there isn’t a stranger in sight who’ll be able to tell if the lashes are fake, but you’ve got to remember that they’re far from cruelty-free: minks have been poached for their soft fur for years and life on a fur farm is nothing short of horrific. Lash companies who use mink fur have been under fire from various animal rights organisations for the same reason – so we’d suggest skipping this one, for the animals’ sake. 

To conclude, sure, their endorsements look great but if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Maybe it’s best to just stick to enjoying our voyeuristic view of their lives – without actually buying into them.


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