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Let's Party Like It's 1997


Women who were girls in the 90s, rejoice! The Backstreet Boys are going back on tour next year, and as if that wasn’t exciting enough (who doesn’t want more of this?) All Saints, that other super group of the 90s, is reuniting to support the boys on tour! All Saints were thegirl group to love in the 90s, providing as they did the perfect street cool foil for the Spice Girls’ more in your face, caricature-heavy style. The Spice Girls cried themselves hoarse about girl power, but All Saints were girl power. They also made crop tops and combat pants look fabulous and, in 1997, they knew where it was at and were kind enough to tell us.

(See video below.)

So what else happened in 1997? Plenty!  In honour of the All Saints x Backstreet Boys reunion, here’s a look at some of the biggest pop culture moments from that momentous year. 

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