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Lisa Likes to Spa

Komal Basith

Lisa Haydon loves going to the spa. So said the 27-year-old supermodel and actress to me when I stopped by her place to say hi on one of her rare days off. So I did what any girl would do – (who wouldn’t want that skin?) –  whip out my phone and say, “Go on.” Here’s what she had to say. 

(Editor’s note: How gorgeous is Lisa without any makeup on?) 

“Spa-ing is one of my favourite things to do. I love spa vacations – I just took my mum to Ananda at the Himalayas, and my fiancé and I love going to the Maldives, where we always get couples’ treatments together. While I’m in Bombay, there are three that I love and visit as often as I can.

Jiva Spa

I go to the Jiva Spa just around the corner, at the Taj Wellington Mews. I usually get the Pehlwan Malish, which is this great warrior massage. They use a firmer pressure for that one and it’s especially great for when you’ve worked out and you have sore muscles. They do a lot of Ayurvedic treatments at Jiva, including a great Shirodhara treatment. The one at the Wellington Mews has great wet facilities too; I used to go there a lot when I was training for a marathon because they have an ice swimming pool, which most spas don’t have here. So you come out of the steam room and then spend a couple of minutes in the ice pool. It looks like a Jacuzzi, but it’s freezing water. It’s actually quite torturous – have you ever stepped into a really cold lake and you can feel your toes start to freeze? That’s what this feels like, but alternating between this and the steam room is really relaxing, and it’s great for your muscles.

Tahaa Spa

Tahaa Spa on Napean Sea Road has, hands down, the best manicures and pedicures in the country. Their pedicures last for a month, no kidding. They do a paraffin wax afterwards, which I love. They use this great brand called O2 from London and you can get a 45 minute express pedicure or a longer one for an hour and a half. Ask for Farida – I always go to her, she’s really good.


The Four Seasons

The spa at Four Seasons is my absolute favourite in the city. I go there very often to get what I like to call the Soso special, which is a massage by a therapist there named Soso. She’s one of those intuitive therapists – she always knows what I like, exactly how much pressure to apply. Sometimes she throws hot stones in there as well, which is great if you’re not a Soso special user. (Laughs) Just ask for their hot stone massage. It’s really good. I love getting facials as well, and they have a great facial here by an organic British brand called Ila. The lady that owns the brand has a theory called Beyond Organic – she sources all her ingredients from farmers who have dedicated their lives to harvesting rose petals exclusively. I buy a lot of Ila products as well, because they are so good for your skin. I’m haphazard about my beauty – sometimes I’m driving home and I just feel like I want to be pampered, so I head over to the Four Seasons and ask for Soso. If she’s not available, their other therapists are great at facials and massages too.”

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Lisa Haydon photographed by Komal Basith in Mumbai. © Komal Basith 


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