Say Goodbye to Eye Shadow Fallout With M.A.C.’s Spellbinder Shadows

Komal Basith

This stuff like like magic in a pot.

Like many people, wearing makeup is as much about the process for me as it is about the results. It’s like a soothing ritual, something I can enjoy while I get my act together before the day starts.

The one thing I’ve always hated about wearing makeup, however, is eye shadow fallout – those little specks of shadow that inevitably land up on your cheeks after you do your eye makeup. I’ve tried pretty much everything for it – wearing foundation after eye makeup, using a tissue to catch the fall out – but a) I like having a finished canvas before I start doing my eyes, and b) I always forget about the stupid tissue until it’s too late.

One thing that does help, if you’re curious, is giving your eye shadow brush a good, proper tap before applying it to your eyes. The excess shadow falls off the brush when you do this and you’re less likely to get it all over your cheeks – but there’s still no guarantee that it won’t happen.

M.A.C. has a solution: Spellbinder, their new range of magnetized eyeshadow. We’re talking eyeshadow made of magnetically charged pigments that fuse together here, people – science-y stuff.

So of course I thought it was all a bit of marketing speak when I first heard about it but I’ve been using the Spellbinder shadows for a week and I’ve got to say, M.A.C.’s on to something.

First off, the shades – when it comes to eye shadow I’m a sucker for all things cool, metallic and moody, and I’m a little bit in love with this collection for expressly this reason; so much so that I’ve been showing up to work every day this week with a full on metallic smoky eye, even if all I have planned for the day involves sitting at my desk. (Besides, you wear makeup for yourself first and then the occasion, am I right?)

Next, and perhaps most importantly – this stuff doesn’t move once it’s on; I guess MAC was right about those magnetized pigments after all. It looks like suede, applies like a cream, and wears like a pigmented, metallic eyeshadow with a bit of a sheen.

My only wish? That they’d come in more neutral shades because these shadows are GREAT – I just wish I could wear them on days when I don’t want a full on smokey eye! Still, it’s a fantastic new addition to M.A.C.’s lineup, and I can’t wait to see if they’ll add more to it. In the meanwhile, check them out in action and then get your hands one some below!

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