The M.A.C. x Mariah Carey Collection Is the Most Mariah Carey Thing Ever

Komal Basith

Feathers and glitter and pastels galore: it’s a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. 

It’s official: the M.A.C. x Mariah Carey collection is the most Mariah Carey thing to have hit 2017 – or my desk, anyway, where it showed up last week in a custom-delivered burst of feathers, glitter, pearls and sparkly baubles.

And much like the pop star herself, you’ll find that there’s plenty of substance to back up the sparkly, glittery, exterior; if you like pretty pastels and feminine washes of colour with some serious lasting power, you’re going to love this collection. Here are some favourites so far:


Eyeshadow x 4 in It’s Everything

This palette, along with the blush below, has been in heavy rotation all week; I can’t stop reaching for them every morning! This palette is a particular favourite because the shades are perfect for an everyday smokey eye, which I tend to be partial towards these days, but would also work fabulously for an all-out nighttime eye look. Of special note are the soft, supremely blendable formulas, which create everything from pretty, subtle washes of colour to major drama, depending on how you apply them – oh, and they last all day, too.


Powder Blush in Sweet Sweet Fantasy

Ooh, I do love me a nice peachy blush, especially when layered with a bit of bronzer. Sweet Sweet Fantasy is the perfect Mariah shade – (or maybe that’s Dreamlover, below) – it skews a little warm, adds a hint of colour and is perfect for channeling that baby faced, early 2000s Mariah vibe.


Lipglass in Dreamlover

Remember the video for Dreamlover, featuring a pre-blonde Mariah frolicking in a field in a plaid shirt and denim cutoffs with random shirtless dudes? (Side note: I miss the 90s.) I’d like to say Dreamlover, the lip gloss version, captures the essence of that video in a bottle but it doesn’t – instead, think Mariah from her post-divorce, newly discovered bad girl days, when she ditched the brown hair for blonde and the plaid outfits for ones featuring tight gold bodycon dresses.  Yeah, the fun Mariah. This is fun Mariah in a bottle.


Lipstick in Dahhlinggg

If sparkly lips aren’t your thing (but peach is), then try the Lipstick in Dahhlinggg, a soft, matte, almost-nude peach that pairs perfectly with a subtle smokey eye and lasts for about 6 hours straight without melting, flaking or rubbing off.

And there you have it! Get yourself to a M.A.C. store now to shop the entire collection or just, you know, treat yo’self from the comforts of your home by clicking below.



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