Matching Your Lipstick To Your Perfume Is Now A Thing

Komal Basith

Thanks to M.A.C.’s genius new Shadescents collection.

If you can’t choose between your favourite lipstick and your favourite perfume, you’ll be pleased to know that M.A.C. is out with a genius new concept called Shadescents, which pairs six of their most popular lipsticks with signature fragrances of their own inspired by the personalities of the lipsticks (and, I’m guessing, the people who love them).

So whether you’re a nude kinda girl (Velvet Teddy or Crème d’Nude anyone?) or never leave the house without a quick swipe of Candy Yum Yum, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger or Heroine, there’s now a perfume to match your favourite shade.

A quick rundown of what the scents entail: Ruby Woo is a woody floral, Lady Danger is pretty and vanilla-based, Candy Yum Yum is, as expected, fruity and sweet, Crème d’Nude features notes of musk and amber, Velvet Teddy (a Kylie Jenner favourite) features notes of wild honey, while My Heroine, pictured above, is a smoky leather that I would say is for nighttime usage only.

They make the perfect gifts for your favourite M.A.C. fiend – or, you know, yourself.



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