8 Ways To Wear Stunning Millennial Pink Eye Shadow


It’s been termed the color of the moment, and this “fad” isn’t about to die down anytime soon. From makeup launches dedicated to millennial pink and Insta baddies wearing shoes, bags, and blouses of this shade, it’s hard to escape the trend, right? Well, if you are a thorough beauty girl, like me, then it’s safe to say this candy-colored trend is best worn as makeup. Besides, I’m still to meet a color I don’t love wearing across my lids.

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Too much pink isn’t your style? Then mix it up. Line your crease with pink and blend the line upwards. On your crease, apply a glitter or metallic shade to perfectly shape your eyes. This one’s great if you’ve got smaller lids. Don’t forget to bring the pink down to your lower lash line, in order to complete the look.

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If you’re going all out pink, get ready to get extra! Balance it out with a shimmer shadow in the inner corners of your eye to lift your look. Blend 2 to 3 shades of pink on your lids, starting with the darkest color closest to your lashes and go lighter as you go upwards.

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Give your lids the perfect contour with the halo effect eyeshadow. Start with the millennial pink on your crease. Then, apply copious amounts of it to the inner half of your lids and the outer half of your lids. Blend! Leave the middle area empty and use your fingers to dab a frosty or shimmer pink to the area.

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Mix your pinks with your purples to create spectacular shading that people won’t be able to look away from. Don’t have too many eye shadow shades? Doesn’t matter. You can always use lipstick on your lids: exhibit A!

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The best way to top off a pink eyeshadow look? Why, pink glitter, of course! Live out your fairytale fantasy with intensified glitter shadow or glitter liner used in place of shadow. And to take any look to perfection, always add false lashes for a pro effect.

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If you’re not ready to commit to something that takes precedence over your entire makeup look, then don’t! Instead, opt for a lightweight look that creates a strobe effect on your lids. What’s better than one insta trend? Two, obviously! Strobe plus millennial pink shadow is a winning combo.

Instead of attempting the entire eye, why not try pink liner in your kohl line instead of kajal? Build on the pink waterline by smoking it out with a pink underliner. Use a small, compact brush to apply a pink eye shadow right below the lash line, under the kohl. Oh, and if you can’t find pink liner, try combining a drop of makeup mixing liquid or lens solution with a pink eye shadow.

And if you are not feeling a kohl-heavy look, then perhaps a winged liner will do? Personally, I’m a winged liner kind of girl. No pink liner? Once again, follow the same hack of mixing a solution with pink shadow. Or else, you can try using a pigmented pink lip color as liner too. 


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