#MakeupHack: This Isn't Lipstick


Errant falsies, ghosts of lip glosses past, and eyeshadow palettes housing a plethora of barely-used hues – all stuff you’ll find in the average vanity case. Well, what if we said you could put those gorgeous pigments to good use after all? Because you might’ve hated how that plum-coloured shade looked on your eyes, but it could totally be rocked on your lips!

Why is it a good idea to repurpose your eye shadows? Because it gives you the freedom to play around with a variety of textures and effects. As you can imagine, a matte eye shadow would create a completely different look than a loose glitter pigment would. Plus, here’s a good way to finally try – black lips? – without having to buy a lipstick for it. Take that, RiRi.

Also, did we mention it takes all of two step to wear an eyeshadow as lipstick? Just apply your favourite non-tinted lip balm (or a clear lip gloss if you’re going for that effect), then using a lip brush, pat on the shadow of your choice, blending it in with the balm. Alternately, you could do the mixing beforehand and just apply the concoction on your lips. Tip: Wearing a lip primer/foundation as your first layer also helps it last longer.

Below, we tried the hack on Sera, using a matte shadow (NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Lol) and a shimmery one (M.A.C Eyeshadow in Stars and Rockets), so you can see exactly how each looks – happy experimenting!





Makeup by Seher Khan on Sera Maria Malayil. 

Photographed by Clint Soman.



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