Mantra Herbal Is A New Luxury Ayurveda Brand You’re Going To Love

Komal Basith

Including a body wash that’ll make your shower smell like potpourri. 

Luxury Ayurveda isn’t necessarily a new beauty phenomenon in India – think Forest Essentials or Kama Ayurveda – but as someone who’s always been mindful of her chemical intake (before it was trendy, too – that’s what you get when you grow up with a mum who identifies as hippie-ish) and as someone who’s always been partial to the whole luxury beauty thing, I’m happy to report there’s a new high end, Ayurveda-inspired brand to consider: Mantra Herbal.

The brand is owned by the somewhat unglamorously named Baidyanath Group, which claims to be the largest manufacturers of Ayurvedic products in the world and a history that spans close to a century– so perhaps it’s safe to assume they know what they’re talking about.

So what’s to love? The clean design, the minimal packaging, and the gorgeously scented products – which aren’t all a 100% natural, mind; still, they’re working towards getting as close to this as possible, thanks to the aforementioned parent company which owns an Ayurvedic research group that looks into, among other things, maintaining the efficacy of their products while using as few chemicals as possible.

And until they get there, there’s plenty to explore. There’s an Ashwagandha & Cinammon Body Wash that’ll leave your bathroom smelling like a lovely potpourri, a gorgeous Aloe, Avocado and Almond Moisturiser which features rose petals aplenty for super soft skin, and a Neem & Haldi Anti Acne Face Wash that didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry and even calmed some of the redness down.

All in all, it’s a delightful new brand that I can’t wait to explore more of – next up on the purchase list is the Peach & Saffron Himalayan Rock Salt Face Scrub. I’ve been looking for a natural scrub with a bit of muscle to exfoliate a couple of wintery, dry patches on my forehead and cheeks, and this might be just the thing.

Available on Amazon.in.


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