Meet The Sheet Mask Victoria Beckham Uses To Power Up

Naaila Khan

We knew the metallic trend was doing the rounds this Spring/Summer, but Victoria Beckham just took it to a whole new level at Cannes last week.

Posh posted an Instagram of her clocking in some glam snooze minutes, elegantly sprawled on her hotel bed, with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask on to prep for the red carpet. And while we're totally feeling that linen bathrobe, it’s the mask that really stole the show here.


Now, sheet masks are harldy a new phenomenon (not that we're complaining), so why should you put this particular one on your Sephora wishlist ASAP? Apart from great potential for cool #terminator selfies, that is?

Well, because it’s basically a super concentrated version of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (which we’re already huge fans of). Like the original, it's steeped in hyaluronic acid which means hydrated, plump skin for days, contains skin soothing ingredients including lady’s thistle, birch extract and magnolia bark extract, and boasts of a special anti-pollution technology that equals nearly half a bottle’s worth of Advanced Night Repair’s exclusive ChronoluxCB™ . That's half a bottle's worth of ANR in one shot!

The foil works by trapping your skin's natural heat, which enables the serum to penetrate deeper and faster (25X faster, to be specific) and seal in moisture for days to come. A weekly ritual of this high-performance mask also has anti-aging benefits, so we’re now seriously considering investing in this stuff as a boost to our regular regimens. 

Victoria's not the only fan of the new mask, either; turns out it's supermodel Joan Smalls' go-to after a long day at work, too. "I always use it after a shoot," she says. "It helps to calm and hydrate my skin after having different makeup looks applied all day." Can't wait to get our hands on this stuff.


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