Meet The Lip Kit That’s Going To Sell Out Even Faster Than Kylie’s


Won’t stop us from trying, though.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath might not be a reality star like Kylie Jenner but when it comes to makeup chops, there are few artists alive who can compete with hers – this is a woman who was awarded an MBE for ‘services to the fashion and beauty industry’ by the Queen, you guys.

Still, there’s one thing both McGrath and Jenner have in common, besides a love for makeup – they both know how to build beauty brands that break the Internet.

When Pat McGrath launched her own brand, Pat McGrath Labs, late last year with the already-iconic, sold-out-in-seconds Skin Fetish 003, a highlighting kit that put every other highlighter that came before it to shame, it crashed the Pat McGrath site for three hours.

Next up? A lip kit that we predict will sell out faster than Kylie’s, which will come in three colour options and feature two lipsticks, two matching glitters and a tube of gloss each for a whole range of custom looks.

It’s the glitters that really have our hearts racing – and if they look familiar, it’s because this is the exact look McGrath created at Atelier Versace’s Fall 2016 show.

You can forget about eating, drinking, or maybe even talking once you have the complete look on, but again – it’s so shiiiiny! The lip kits launch on August 30th on Pat McGrath’s website, so you have 20 days to prepare... and hope for the best, because these babies are going to sell fast. Let us know if you manage to get your hands on one!

And now we leave you with one more look at the lip kits, because we just. Can’t. Stop. Watching.


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