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How To Make Your Own Fragrance

Meghana Rabindranath

A workshop with The Bombay Perfumery is a good place to start

Some people are lucky enough to find their signature scent or they know when a perfume will just work for them. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people. Trying to find that perfume has been a task, for the lack of better words. So naturally, I was super excited when I heard that Bombay Perfumery was hosting a perfume-making workshop.

Bombay Perfumery is a niche brand stocked with premium and super unique perfumes. They usually host interactive events that look to build consumer communities around the brand with fun collaborative workshops, like this one.

The event was held at the beautiful Olive Beach in Bangalore. The whole set up for perfume making was very chem-lab-chic with a long table loaded with perfume solutions, beakers and dippers. And so, I got to make my first perfume ever!

Here’s how it goes:



Step 1:  Start with picking a few of your favourite base notes. These notes will mostly be perceived after the perfume top and middle notes dry down slightly. We were given choices ranging from florals like ylang-ylang to spicy like tones like black pepper oil. I added 10ml of lavender oil for my base note, which would construct the main theme of the perfume. 



Step 2: Then, pick a heart or a middle note, which should ideally be a well-rounded pleasant smell. These notes will usually reveal itself after the top notes of the perfume wear off. I added 10ml of a woody-green patchouli oil.



Step 3: Lastly, add a tiny addition (5ml to be precise) of the top note. You will usually smell the top notes of the perfume when it’s first sprayed (so make sure it’s good). I picked an earthy Vetiver oil mixed with an Ambrocenide oil with hints of amber.

Finally, add the entire concentrate to a spray bottle of ethyl alcohol (the diluter) and you're perfume ready!

Overall, the process of making my own perfume was incredible! (I mean come on, I now have a custom smell) The event was entertaining and informative. And though I may have not made that perfect perfume, the experience (and the bottle) is something that will stay with me. You can follow Bombay Perfumery on social media to find out more about their events. 


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