This Facial At The Ritz Spa Is Like A Full Body Massage But For Your Face

Naaila Khan

I’ve got to admit, though I’m a pretty strict skin regimen girl – CTM is basically in my blood – I was never inclined on trying a facial out. You heard that right; I was a facial virgin before I decided to indulge in this Gold Hydrating Facial at the Spa at the The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore. What convinced me? Apart from 17,000 square feet of pure zen, something intriguingly titled derma globes that were involved in the 90 minute-long facial that promised to lift, firm and leave you with a gorgeous golden glow (there’s also a 60 minute option, Cinderella).

Now I know jade rolling is the new derma rolling, and though derma globes sounded like something similar, I consciously never looked them up so I could form the most honest opinion – same reason I never watch a movie’s full trailer. I’ll shortly tell you that it was the best decision I made.

Once the friendly staff has welcomed you with a refreshing cinnamon-lemon drink and smiles, and you’re all changed and gently tucked into a bed in a dimmed luxe treatment room, the magic begins. As soon as the facialist’s fingers landed on my face, I had a good feeling about the whole thing. Her fingers moved delicately, as if performing a finely orchestrated slow dance on my skin to the soft, soothing music of the spa (I’m pretty she was moving to the tune of the music, guys – I spent a fair amount of time testing my theory out).

So here’s the basic procedure: the Gold Hydrating Facial is a traditional Hungarian repairing and hydrating treatment that starts with a double application of Hungarian Moor mud to cleanse, exfoliate and peel. A rose-scented gold mask then deploys hyaluronic acid in three different forms to plump and nourish the skin while bio-available gold repairs micro-damage to strengthen the skin. Finally, a sprinkling of gold shimmer oil adds a subtle sparkle to arms and décolleté. The facial uses a whole range of Omorovicza products – the mineral-rich luxury spa brand.

I made it a point to keep my eyes shut during the entire procedure so I could actually feel the treats to my senses, and it was perfect. The steam machine blows out a steady, warm breeze that primes your skin but doesn’t sweat it, the décolleté and arm massage is so incredibly relaxing, it almost feels like you’re getting a full body massage. And then came the highlight of the show: the derma globes (which I only properly looked at post the procedure, so I could feel it first).

What you feel are two cold, soft pebbles, and a happy bubbling of liquid inside them, rolling over your face. As soon as they hit your skin, the coldness seeps through right to your bones. Besides being one of the most beautiful sensations my skin has ever felt – to my pleasant surprise – it also instantly opened up my one blocked nostril!

Upon later looking them up, this is what I found: derma globes or ice globes are a set of ergonomically designed balls at the ends of wands that are able to maneuver around the contours of the face, to energize and stimulate tired skin and – you guessed it! relieve sinus pressure and headaches. Their coldness also makes them excellent for inflamed, irritated skin, to reduce puffiness and tighten pores – all of which I definitely needed after an average urban city weekend.

By the end of the facial, all you want to do is catche some zzzs, and that I believe, is the second most important yardstick to measure a great spa experience. The first one? Whether or not your facial managed to achieve what it set out to do; and I’m happy to report that mine did! My skin felt super soft and plush to the touch, with an ‘inner’ glow that lasted at least a few days.

I finished the lovely experience with some treasured me-time at the spa’s indoor hot pool (with body jets and air bubble therapy and whatnot – all the makings of a romantic couple spa date, by the way), and left feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the travails of city life.

So much more than what you’d expect from a facial, don’t you think? 


Courtesy: The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore.


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