Say Hello To The Latest Beauty Trend: Gemstone-Infused Skincare

Naaila Khan

Snail slime, snake venom, salmon sperm – perhaps the weirdest, most unimaginable ingredients have managed to make their way onto our beauty shelves in the recent past. This time around, it’s something way more pleasant and will probably make you sparkle Edward Cullen-style – let’s welcome gemstones into our beauty products!

We’ve all heard of crystal healing, but this new beauty trend takes it up a notch higher – incorporating high vibrational crystals and minerals into your skincare products, it brings to the shelf not just skincare benefits, but also taps into the different energies of the crystals – what Sara Clement (co-owner of LA-based Gemstone Organic – one of the new crop of brands of the aesthetic) likes to call “a radically holistic beauty movement”. The question though is, should you get on this movement or pass?

At first consideration, tricking out your skin regime with diamonds and gems seems like a great idea. Precious/semi precious stones have been used for healing purposes for centuries now – though only proving their benefits to those who are willing to believe in them. (Check out all the ways different gems contribute to a life makeover here!) For example, rose quartz stands for femininity and physical love while skin-wise it supposedly works wonders to wipe out wrinkles, and pearl being the stone of beauty also shows off super brightening and cell-building abilities.

How are these properties translated into your products exactly? There are generally two ways – by using water in which the stone has been soaked for an extended period of time, or that has energies transferred to it using crystal grids, or a combination of both. (Gemstone Organic apparently even place the water under the light of the full moon to help the product, hence you, stay connected to the cosmos!)

If you’re a skeptic however, and all this moon water business seems like an elaborate gimmick, let’s reassess the facts: powdered gemstones (provided they’re finely crushed so as not to cause skin damage) make great exfoliators, scrubbing out dullness to reveal fresh skin, and flakes of pearl, gold, and diamond dust in your products also add a touch of shimmer and glow to the complexion thanks to their reflective qualities – thus fulfilling your ultimate vampire goal. (Plus, it’s the closest you’ll get to a Tiffany’s without breaking the bank!)

All said and done though, there’s no conclusive evidence that gemstones infused into your skin products really make a noteworthy difference – especially in the long run. But if they make you feel like a million bucks (which they should), then go right ahead! Here are some skincare, um, gems, we picked out for you – they should effectively settle your chakras down:

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Image Courtesy: Aquarian Soul


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