Perfect Products For the Pixies

Meghana Rabindranath

Short hair comes with product care

A lot has been said about hair, especially long hair. From the treatments, you need to get done to the most popular colours and trends of the season. With celebrities, Nicki Minaj sporting Rapunzel hair to Kim and her Cher hair, super long hair is having a moment again.

We've considered that long hair has got its fair share of popularity so it’s time to show some love to the girls with short tresses. Long hair is classic but, an edgy chop is just such a cool-girl move. Honestly, how badass do Winnie Harlow and Zoe Isabella Kravitz look?

Styling can be difficult when you have less (hair) to work with — so we’ve put together a list of products that will help you style those sleek pixies and chic bobs.


Spray for amplified volume


The least painful wax


Creamy curls


Small tools for small hair


Pin up girl



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