Eat Your Way To Great Skin

Meghana Rabindranath

You know what they say you are what you eat

If you, like me, believe that glowing skin is the answer to all your life’s problems, you're at the right place. Cause honestly, you rather have a quarter life crisis with radiant skin than with blemished or acne crammed skin. 

The basics to having decent skin start with firstly, knowing your skin type adding a good cleansing routine, finding the right products and of course drinking water (just enough for your body). But even if you have a great skin routine, nothing will really help, if you’re negating it by consuming foods that are terrible for your skin. The list starts with overly oily foods to those scrumptious sugary goods.

After some research, we’ve rounded up a list of food items that help your products work better (this works even for people who don’t use products (but seriously use products) who want great skin) and help you bring out that glow from within.

So check these out and put this theory to test. 

Cool It Off

If you feel that your skin is over heating due to the climate or even due to various activities like exercise or random hot flashes, it can seriously affect your skin. From oil secretion to the texture of your skin feeling uncomfortable in general. We’ve got some grub that’ll cool you right off and which will eventually aid your skin to do the same. No need to stick a block of ice to your face anymore, promise.


Peppermint tea or leaves will not only help cool you off but will also aid in getting rid of acne by reducing androgens, which can cause excessive oil production in the skin. So get that hot brew, perfect for this weather too.


Cucumbers are super hydrating foods and it helps cool you off due to its water content. Yes, they can be used greatly on the eyes for a quick de-puff but add them to your diet and watch that glow emerge. 

Coconut Water

Filled with cooling electrolytes which we lose while we sweat, this stuff replenishes our body with all those good nutrients leaving us feeling energized and its hydrating nature contributes to that inner glow. 


Bye Acne

If you thought the last time you would see a massive zit, it would be in your teenage years, you might have been right (curse you) or maybe you just weren’t part of the lucky bunch.  There are many causes for acne from hormonal changes in women to changes in diet to it actually running in the family. But whatever they cause is, try these supplements and food to help reduce acne and all the problems that come with it.


Studies suggest that eating foods rich in zinc may be useful in preventing and treating acne. Foods that are rich in zinc include pumpkin seeds, cashews, beef, turkey, quinoa, lentils, and seafood such as oysters and crab. Zinc is a dietary mineral important in skin development as well as regulating metabolism and hormone levels. Researchers found that low levels of zinc were linked to more severe cases of acne.

Krill Oil Supplements

Krill oil is derived from a species of crustacean and contains omega-3 fatty acids. The fats found in krill oil are thought to help build up healthy cell membranes as well as decrease both local swelling and inflammation of deeper skin layers associated with acne.

Glo’ Up

It’s believed that glowing skin is one of the biggest confidence boosters for anyone man or woman. And we agree! There are very few things in life better than feeling comfortable and sexy n your own skin. If you’ve got all the other skin problems sorted and now you're just looking for that skin to glow with all its strength, you need to try these foods that will make you look like you swallowed sunshine!


Tomatoes are packed with natural vitamins and minerals. What makes tomatoes stand out in the beauty world is lycopene, an antioxidant that has amazing anti-ageing properties. The pulp of tomatoes also helps tighten pores and prevent acne since tomatoes are acidic in nature. Throw them into your salad or enjoy a soup of fresh tomato soup that’s perfect for this stormy weather.

Nuts and berries have always had a good rep in the glowing skin world but we have to ensure you believed it. Almonds packed with vitamin E, an antioxidant that defends against sun damage and filled with all that ‘good fat’ helps to bring out that inner glow.


Our favourite kind of greens! Spinach rich in B vitamin that aids in the repair of skin damage and may help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Other greens like kale, turnip greens, broccoli, and asparagus all are rich in vitamin A, iron, and vitamin K. Iron aids circulation by carrying vital oxygen while vitamin K may help with circulation of blood pumping that blood all over for a super flushed glow. 


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