Skincare Infused With Oxygen? We’re Listening.

Naaila Khan

Okay, we get oxygen is great, seeing as we need it to breathe and all, but with the sudden inflow of beauty products with labels that boast of oxygen (as if our skins aren’t getting enough of the stuff from the environment) is slightly unsettling as it is curiosity-piquing. What do these skincare products and treatments featuring oxygen as their star ingredient actually do for your skin?

Before exploring that though, let’s review what naturally-occurring oxygen does for your skin: apart from the most basic skin function of skin cell respiration, the compound is key in helping the cells grow, communicate and reproduce – therefore playing a vital role in the regeneration of new cells, paramount to anti aging. No wonder then that oxygen is what is administered when your body is in distress (remember CPR?) or that a severe burn is immediately treated in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber – and if you didn’t happen to notice before, there’s a reason for the excessive amount of inhaling you’re made to do at yoga class.

However, it turns out, thanks to our smog-filled urban environment and the poor lifestyle choices we make, our skin doesn’t seem to be getting enough of good old oxygen to keep those cells kicking. Result: a less than optimal O2 flow leading to a dull, beat visage prone to quicker aging.

Enter oxygen-infused beauty products and treatments (and hello, celebrity-approved oxygen facial – which uses the same hyperbaric oxygen from burns 101, by the way). These products are designed to deliver dissolved oxygen straight to your complexion for an instant skin boost – meaning a revitalized epidermis, greater cellular turnover, and a glow that lasts days. Even better, oxygen also throws open your skin’s gates for better and deeper penetration of other skincare potions (antioxidants and moisturizers) that you might use. While some might argue that the chances of benefitting from a gas applied topically in cream form are far and few, there’s also this fundamental fact – it can only do you good!

So pick from our favourite oxygen-infused skincare products and get your skin some much-needed air.

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