How I Get Dressed: Smita Lasrado, Model


Elevated style courtesy one of India’s most popular models.

How do you get dressed? It’s a question we’re asking a bunch of cool peeps in this new series in a bid to find out who they are through their style. Next up is Bombay-based supermodel Smita Lasrado.

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What do you like most about being a model?

The travelling! For me, it’s the best life lesson. Coming from a middle class family in Bombay, I would ever have dreamed of living between Paris, New York City and London like I have for the past couple of years. It’s taught me independence, built confidence and given me the courage to dream way bigger dreams. Most importantly though, it’s helped me meet my greatest love and supporter, my husband.


So how do you get dressed every morning?

It depends on which city I’m in. If I’m in Paris I love to dress up – like boots, leather, the whole getup. People have more fun with their clothes in London, so when I’m there I go a little more crazy.

In Bombay, I’m pretty much in mom jeans and tees these days. It’d be fair to say I underdress here. What’s most important for me is comfort. You’ll never see me in heels so high I walk like a camel or a super short dress in like, 5 degrees. I go through phases though. I’ve had my 70s phase, my 80s phase, my Rock N Rolla phase and my homeless chic phase. Now I’m into everything oversized.


Which piece of clothing are you loving at the moment, and why?

I have two favourites at the moment! This black vintage Tadashi Shoji dress with gold embroidered shoulders, which is almost tacky but I love it so much. I got it on Ebay for 5 euros. The other is a white long Saint Laurent evening dress from Hedi (Slimane)’s collection from maybe two seasons back. I haven’t even worn the dress yet as the slit goes higher than my legs but I'm not giving up. I will find a way to be that Hedi girl!


What would your fashion uniform look like?

Black oversized trousers with a black long coat and a black T shirt with a black Borsalino and some black boots. Did I say black? Basically If I could I would love to look like Yohji Yamamoto every day.

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Where do you like to shop, and what have you bought recently?

I'm currently going through a phase where I'm not shopping at all. I'm spending so much time in Bombay right now that I’m not really inspired to dress up. That’s one of the reasons I love this city – it’s so easy! All you need are slippers, a T shirt and some jeans. More money for travel!

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When I do shop, it’s usually online. I always hit The Outnet, Net-A-Porter or Matches. I love, love vintage shopping in Paris and Le 66 is a great clothing store I visit in Paris too. Sarojini Nagar in Delhi still is a steal if you look hard enough and sometimes I shop Zara for basics.

I think EBay US is the best place to score the coolest things but it’s just so time consuming that I'm over it – but I would recommend it to anyone who has patience. There is no bigger treasure chest for designer and vintage clothes.


Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?

Sometimes it’s from the runway; I have a lot of friends who work for labels, so I love to take a peek at their shows. But mostly, it’s musicians who inspire me. David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, Prince and Jimi Hendrix.


What’s a big fashion regret?

American Apparel faux leather leggings which I wore with a bodysuit with a low V and high heeled leather boots. I don’t know why I didn’t just write hooker on my forehead.


What’s the most crazy expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

It would have to be a Rick Owens jacket that I got for my husband. I swear, a single tear rolled down my cheek when I handed them my credit card. But the look on my husband's face was so worth it.


As told to Komal Basith. Photographed by Neha Kamath.


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