A Stylish Lesson In Layering Your Clothes From Sonam Kapoor

Anushka Mulchandani

Because no one else in Bollywood does it better!

I often feel like every celebrity in Bollywood dresses and keeps up with the trends because of their job. But Sonam Kapoor is the one person who actually loves and appreciates the whole process. Along with sister/stylist, they’re really a fashionable force to be reckoned with and you’ll agree when I say that no one else does it quite like them.

Sure they’re great at picking out clothing from both Indian and International designers, but what they’re especially great at is layering them together. Kapoor always has on just the right jacket over her dress or an apt shawl or scarf over a blouse – as far as I can remember, there’s never been a miss.

So who better to get lessons from than the master herself? Here’s everything we learnt:


Start With The Basics

You don’t need an expert to tell you black on black is a foolproof combination. It’s a fashionista favorite and it’s safe to say that it will never go out of style. An easy way to upgrade it is to add a layer in the form of an oversized denim jacket. It breaks up the all black and adds a slightly grunge effect that works so well.


Now Take It Up A Notch

When you say denim on denim, you’re automatically inclined to thinking it’s a pair of jeans and a denim top. Sonam does it a bit differently, as expected. She’s doing denim and black like in the last look, but it’s two different prints and washes of denim that have been layered on top with black leggings. Genius, right?


Use A Wrap Dress As A Layer

Even without the layer, this outfit is a winner, but Sonam being Sonam, it has to go a notch higher. If you have a wrap dress lying in your closet, there’s no reason it can’t work as a jacket over whatever you choose to wear underneath. If Sonam does it, it’s got to be legit!


Add A Layer To Almost Anything

There are no rules to layering really. If the added jacket or cape looks good on your jeans or dress, do it. Sonam adds an Indian touch to her maxi with an embroidered, beaded cape. It’s great to have a neutral colored one like this in your closet so it matches with anything you wear under.


No Layer Is Too Much

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Print on print has been a thing for quite a while, so why not add a layer as your second print? Sonam did it with two different floral prints but you can totally try it with stripes and polka dots or pretty much any kind of print your please. Just don’t forget to bring some confidence and a smile.

Get a few similar layers here:

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