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Sunscreen That Won’t Wash Off

Komal Basith

Hi Komal! I’m spending New Year’s Eve with a bunch of my friends in Vietnam, where we plan on eating as much as we can and spending all our time by the pool. I’m looking for a waterproof sunscreen that won’t wash off and won’t make me tan (I’m really scared of sun damage). Have you found one you can recommend?

First off, good on you for being sun savvy! Also, lucky you! On to the sunscreens – they are, by nature, not really built to be waterproof which is actually a good thing, because the more diligent you are about reapplication the better it is for your skin. Still, there are sunscreens which are water resistant, which means that they’ll still work when you’re underwater; at the pool, or by the beach. Try Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist – it is my favourite body sunscreen because it’s super convenient, thanks to the spray formula, moisturizing without being sticky or greasy and has, several times in the past, kept me tanline-free by both pool and beach, which means it definitely works in the water. Have fun in Vietnam!


What’s a good gold eyeshadow that is shimmery without being too sparkly?

I found the nicest one on a shoot the other day, except it’s not really a standalone eyeshadow, but part of a palette. I’m talking about Revlon’s Highlighting Palette, which features a bunch of great shimmery shades that work well by themselves as individual eyeshadows or, when swirled together, as a beautiful, shimmery blush that catches the light just so. We used Peach Glow on our dark skinned model and were super stoked with the results. More about it next week, but in the meanwhile, get your hands on the palette as soon as you can!


Please help me settle a debate with my friend; are facials helpful for keeping wrinkles at bay?

Ooh, this is an interesting one! So here’s the thing; wrinkles form under the surface of your skin and a facial really only works on the top layer of your skin via two key processes; exfoliation and massage. But here’s the other thing – while there are no studies which prove that either can prevent wrinkles, it’s true that both go a long way towards diminishing the appearance of wrinkles by sloughing away the top few layers of dead skin cells. Besides, face massage, when done regularly (and that is key) keep the muscles in your face taut and supple, which is also hugely beneficial when it comes to anti-aging. So I’d say you both win on this one; no, facials won’t prevent wrinkles entirely, but they certainly go a long way towards making you look younger (when administered regularly, say every two weeks).


Have a lovely weekend!

Photographed by Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet.



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