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How To Make Smart Fashion Choices

Meghana Rabindranath

Flowy, fashionable and best of all, sustainable.

If updating your wardrobe seems to be a weekly/monthly ritual, don’t worry you aren’t alone. Most of us are constantly adding (sometimes unnecessary) pieces to our wardrobes leading to a bunch of clothes that are worn once or sometimes not at all but you do have a few pieces you'll wear all the time.

No matter what your ritual is, we’re here to help you make more conscious fashion choices. With labels upping their ethical game, we’ve got so much variety. It’s our responsibility to make the right decision and become conscious shoppers. Sustainable fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion as they are environment-friendly, human-friendly and they last forever. The best part? You aren’t going to have a million fashion clones wearing the same fast-fashion top that is in season.

India is slowly but surely catching up in the sustainable fashion field. With brands looking to produce slow and high-quality products. We’ve rounded up a bunch of our favourite sustainable brands to help you make smarter fashion choices: that help you, your environment and the people who help make the clothing.

Now doesn’t that sound like a wholesome fashion choice? Happy shopping!



Handloom Cotton Top


Leather Juttis

Leather Slippers

Indigo Slip Ons

Cotton Dress




Red Tunic & Culottes 


Indian Slip Ons

Long Jacket




Cloudgazer Maxi Dress

Raindrop Midi Dress


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