Take Your Feet to the Spa (At Home).

Komal Basith

Today in things that are obvious, it is HOT out. Showers are necessary yet still somehow pointless, getting skinny jeans on in the morning is an exercise in skill, patience and dexterity, and everything is just so annoying

Then last week while browsing online for a book I came across a foot spa - those plastic tubs they have you put your feet in when you get a pedicure, right after they take the nail polish off and right before they begin the ticklish sole buffing from hell. I figured a foot spa at home might not be so bad, and so it was that I found myself in possession of a new Babyliss Foot Spa, which I've been using every night for about a week. It's pretty awesome, as far as plastic tubs which vibrate go. 

Why? Because you pour cold water into it, add a couple of expensive-smelling, skin-softening concoctions, turn it on, and put your feet in it. Twenty minutes later, thanks to the weird science that dictates that your feet = your entire body (a conclusion arrived at through the discovery that foot massages are about as relaxing as regular massages) your feet are cool as a cucumber and magically, so are you.  

It’s changed the way I feel about the heat - sure, I'm still mad at everything about 85% of the time, but then there's that little bit of luxury to come home to every evening, and suddenly the world doesn't look so bad.  

What’s that? You too would like to experience this icy respite from your own private summer hell? Right this way!

What you need

1 Foot Spa

1 Foot Soak

1 Pre-Recorded TV show 


- Come home. Strip out of your clothes as fast as you can and get into your softest, comfiest PJ shorts. 

Fill about 3/4 of the Foot Spa with cold water. If you’re feeling hardcore, add about three ice cubes.

Plug the Foot Spa in and switch to a setting you prefer - foaming, vibrating, or both. If you’d like bubbles, add a capful of Deep Steep’s Rosemary - Mint Organic Bubble Bath, a gorgeous smelling, refreshing bubble bath for grown ups that doubles as a luxurious shower gel as well. If bubbles aren’t your thing, try Skintruth’s Foot Soak, which smells like (and contains) peppermint and feels like angels blowing a cool breeze on your hot, tired feet. Bliss.

Watch an episode of a funny TV show. 

When the end credits roll 20 minutes later, turn the Foot Spa off. Marvel at your soft, clean, fresh feet.

Seal the deal with Rituals Lao Tze Cooling Foot Balm, which does just what it says on the tin - cools feet down while leaving them super soft - or with  or Crabtree & Evelyn’s La Source Reviving Leg & Foot Mist, a nifty little spray that I stash in my bag for little spritzes when my feet get especially hot and bothered during the day. It also makes your desk smell like a spa and not the pizza you had for lunch yesterday, which is always good.






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