Tessa In Dewy Skin + Orange Eyeliner


Spring has sprung (or so magazines like to tell us) and in keeping with the warmer (read: blisteringly warmer) weather, we’re feeling colour; on your eyes, mainly. Whether or not you’re heading to a music festival anytime soon, a teeny bit of coloured eyeliner placed right under the eye is an easy, quick, no-touchups-required way to add a little something something to your makeup without actually having to wear much.

We’re not kidding – this look, as demonstrated by Tessa Vellara, took only two products – foundation optional. We’re assuming that like us, the weather means that your skin is now its own natural highlighter – we can’t seem to last three hours without a bit of shine springing up on our foreheads, noses and cheekbones – and so we figured we may as well embrace what nature and global warming gave us.

If preternaturally dewy skin doesn’t come easy to you, ‘cheat’ your way to it by applying generous amounts of Elizabeth Arden’s famous 8 Hour Cream to your eyelids and cheekbones, down your nose and on your forehead and chin.

Next, finish the look with an orange lipstick (we used M.A.C.’s Lady Danger – Colorbar has a great alternative called Obsessed Orange). Start under the corner of your eye and extend it in a straight line halfway, stopping just past the iris.

A stiff lip or eyeliner brush is useful because it helps give you a precise line. For lasting power, go over your eyes with a bit of concealer first, and you won’t need to touch this up all day (or night). And skip the mascara – we’re really feeling that sort of undone, half eye at the moment, with the focus on what’s going on under your eye rather than on it. It’s so modern, but best of all, it’s super convenient! Who wants to bother with a full face in this heat? Not us.




Makeup by Shamaila Khan.

Photographed by Komal Basith.



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