The 5-in-1 Beauty Product That Will Make Mornings So Much Faster

Naaila Khan

Are you one of those people who want to throw on some clothes, put on a face and shuttle out the door? On second thought, aren’t we all? Let’s agree that the only thing delaying us from starting our mornings full blast is the second part, ie., putting on makeup. Especially when applying a base is involved. Well, you can forget all about it – your morning makeup saviour is here!

If you thought BB creams were all that, here’s presenting you its new generation successor – the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB, a cross between your compact powder and your BB cream (a Korean invention, naturally).

The cushion is a small refillable foundation compact featuring a sponge soaked with foundation that you access by pressing into it with the accompanying sponge. As with most multitasking Korean beauty products, this one’s designed to feature anti-wrinkle benefits, lock in moisture, control sebum, correct skin tone and offer SPF 50 UV protection.

So how do you use it? Press the cushion into the moist sponge – you can regulate how much you need by pressing harder, and build up the formula on the skin in a few swift strokes that blend immediately, leaving no streaks. The best part? The instant hydration, which comes in the form of a pleasantly fragranced, cool, moist sensation.

This particular one is especially great for all you makeup minimalists because it gives the least, lightweight coverage, enough to hide those blemishes, faint spots and even out the skin tone for a super natural finish. The product claims that the ‘pearl mineral powder’ and niacinamide refines your skin in the long run, but that’s yet to be discovered by me – personally, I think that bit might just be market speak.

One other drawback? It comes only in three shades (light beige, honey beige, and natural beige) – unfortunately all three of the fairer spectrum, playing to the Asian obsession with white skin (Tip: try the darkest one of the three if you’re on the fairer side of the Indian skin tones). The coverage lasts a minimum of 8 hours, so you can be confident it will pull through the average work day.

A few swift swipes, a touch of mascara, a bit of a lip stain, and you’ve just taken your face from stark naked to minimally dressed in a few seconds.

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