The Fabulous Lives Of The Hadid Sisters

Naaila Khan

For most us, a charmed life involves a happy family, a great, satisfying job, and probably someone you find along the way who doesn’t mind tolerating your BS for the rest of your life. Oh, and annual or bi-annual holidays after what seems like years of planning and a leave request that takes finger-crossing for weeks.

If you’re a Hadid sister though, na ah. Exotic locales, decadent hotels, sigh-worthy couture, PJ rides (private jets – keep up), red carpets, the sickest parties, the yummiest boys for boyfriends, a family that extends to the Jenner/Kardashians (you might need a family tree, so here you go) and Karl Lagerfeld for a movie buddy – the Hadid sisters’ country-hopping, magazine cover-gracing supermodel lives are fabulous X 100.


Clearly, I’ve spent way too much time on their Instagrams (no shame) but here’s the thing: You might think Gigi and Bella Hadid live a sweet, sweet life for a 21 and 19-year old, and they do, but if you ask serial Instagrammers like me, the sisters are really dispensers of lifestyle #goals to one and all – once you get over the FOMO. If you read between their 'grams, there's a lot you can take home! You'll see how:

Exhibit 1: Winning street style

Just the other day, while on a Marie Kondo-ing spree, I unearthed an old, oversized, slightly distressed denim shirt that probably belonged to my dad circa the 70s. Just before I could toss it, this image below of Gigi rocking a similar shirt flashed. All I needed now were thigh-high boots and the hand of a sister to clench, and I was good to proceed to dinner at Nobu that charming little diner that just opened up. Win!


Exhibit 2: Unending beauty inspo

How to do modern Morticia Addams? Let the face of Dior show you. Nail a $2000 custom chrome manicure? Let her sister. 


Exhibit 3: #RelationshipGoals

Ladies, if your S.O. doesn’t kiss you like that and co-own a cat with you, it’s really not worth it.

And if you can do a handstand like this while in a two-piece and looking into his eyes like that, congratulations – you’ve successfully found your life’s purpose. (* runs to go practice handstands *)


Exhibit 4: Family values

The Hadids are a (good looking) blended bunch – all skinny long legs and midriff-baring crop tops. But that’s not what family is about. It’s about being joint at the hip and bullying your little brother. In those crop tops. 


Exhibit 5: Posing 101

1. Super top angle on days you’re feeling bloated.

2. In the case there's waist-holding involved, the one with the great waist (or say, in a cutout dress) strikes a side pose and the one with legs for days faces front. 


Exhibit 6: Do fun things with your BFF

Switching hair colours just to confuse the paps for kicks, being Victoria’s Secret Angels together, and style twinning in general, Kendall X Gigi or #kengi is a best friendship that will always be trending. The rest of us can manage the third part, at the very least. 


You truly inspire us, #TeamHadid. 




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