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The Only Four Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

Naaila Khan

When it comes to makeup your face is your canvas and so it is that a girl needs her brushes! I have to admit, the sheer variety of makeup brushes available today can be pretty intimidating, especially if you've only recently graduated from your fingers to the basic set. Meanwhile, the nominal foam-tipped wands that come with your palettes have probably remained unused from the start.

But you'll come to discover that makeup brushes, like all good things in life, are an investment; one great brush will do its job well and do it for a decade, if properly cared for. Unless you have a red carpet appearance to make, you really don’t need that exorbitant (not to mention formidable) 14-piece brush set you were planning to buy. All you really need are four good quality (most of them multitasking) brushes for a perfectly groomed face.
Scroll through to meet your face’s new pals. Because they’re all you need!

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