The Ouai: What It Is, Why It’s Amazing & How To Get It

Anushka Mulchandani

I just got Ouai-sted & I loved every minute of it!

Jen Atkin is my hero. For years I’ve followed her as she styled all the a-list models and celebrities’ hair and even kept up with her website, Mane Addicts. Because like a lot of girls out there, I’m a mane addict. I’m constantly updating my cut, trying treatments and looking out for the next great product.

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So when Atkin introduced Ouai (pronounced “way”) I was ecstatic. I immediately hopped on to the website and added a bunch of stuff to my cart, only to find out that they don’t ship outside the United States of America. But that hasn’t stopped me before. Ouai products are available at Sephora stores in a few countries so I had friends in London, Dubai and even Thailand looking out for them, but pretty much everything I wanted was sold out. And like a kid who has been denied her favorite candy, it only made me want those products more.

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I had my eyes on the texturizing hairspray and soft mousse. One timely call to a friend in New York and the two products were in her suitcase on the way back to town.

As a girl who loves blow-drying her hair into soft curls, the mousse worked like a charm. I applied a small amount to the lengths and ends of my hair and just blow-dried my way to volume that lasted for days. You could even add some to just washed curly hair for some extra swirl and bounce.

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The texturizing hairspray works as a hold spray and a dry shampoo in one. So once you’re done heat styling your locks, just spray some on and the style doesn’t budge unless you want it to. It doesn’t even make your hair hard like a lot of other sprays I’ve tried.

The products work like a charm and they smell great too.

If you feel like you don’t know what to purchase, the site even hosts a hair consult that helps you pick out the perfect combination for your hair type. Basically Jen Atkin thought of everything.

It’s safe to say that I’m majorly impressed and definitely want to try her daily care and treatment range next.

I’m looking at you Ouai Repair Shampoo, Hair Oil and Matte Pomade (they’re hopefully coming to me from an aunt in Australia #WIN)


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