The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Levi's


We’re all for fresh threads, but you can’t deny that when it comes to clothing with a story, you can’t beat a true blue vintage piece. Speaking of true blue – vintage denim, while once the premise of only the most savvy collector, is now making a huge comeback and it’s easy to see why; what would you rather, your regular jeans or a pair that’s been around longer than you have, through times you've only read about?

Maybe it’s because of the brand’s 160-year-old history but as far as vintage denim goes, an authentic pair of Levi’s are quickly starting to be considered the holy grail of vintage buys; they’re the 1960s Pucci dress of the denim world, if you will. If you’re out vintage hunting, remember that the older, the better – but with Levi’s dating all the way back from the 1940s currently on the market, how can you tell if you stumble upon the real deal? We asked Tracey Panek, the Levi’s brand historian who was in the country recently to launch a gorgeous new line of skinny jeans (more on that soon!). Here’s her guide to finding the perfect pair of authentic vintage Levi’s.

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