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The Weekend Roundup


It’s Election time! Here’s a quick recap on stories we bet you’d vote for. Happy Weekend!


We spoke to Candice Lock Mirchandani, master restauranteur and owner of Bangalore’s popular Mexican joint Chinita, on her take on the food scene. Here’s what she had to say.

We’ve got 5 simple yoga poses you can literally do anywhere, to keep you de-stressed. Check them out here!

Who know who’ll give you the best solutions to banish dandruff? People who’ve been there, done that and are now dandruff-free. Read their helpful advice here.

It’s time for a wardrobe swap! See why we think you should switch from stilletos to sneakers– you and your feet will thank us for it!

The curtain has been raised on a exclusive list of the most iconic fashion books ever created. Head over to Dazed for the lowdown on these standouts.


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