These Latest Korean Beauty Trends Are Seriously Impressive

Naaila Khan

Korean skincare is having its time of day, and rightfully so – the products aren’t just well-performing, they are also easy on the pocket and very easy on the eyes. Everyone loves a good sheet mask! But what we absolutely love is how Korean beauty keeps the rest of the world on its toes – we’ve hardly processed the elaborate 12-step routine and the guys already have a slew of new and improved skincare trends to contend with. Here are the latest, coolest ones:


Capsule Packs

Whether in application, formula or presentation, Korean beauty loves to change it up! Which is why the fabric of a sheet mask has now been ditched for purer capsule packs that contain the same good stuff contained in sheet masks but come as tiny egg-shaped balls. What this means is that it’s probably easier than ever to mutltimask, but makes the removal process a bit more long drawn, in that your face has to actually be rinsed (that should be an ordeal). But you can be sure of one thing – none of the good stuff is gone to waste.


Splash Mask

The newest product to hit the Asian markets, a splash mask is a liquid treatment that you basically splash onto your face it packs in a 20-minute worth facial in about a minute. These liquid masks are made with various blends of botanicals, and lactic acid, that does a great job of instantly texturizing the skin. Depending on the ingredients, their purpose differs from brightening to soothing and rejuvenating.

And yes, the application is every bit as fun as it sounds – you basically cleanse your skin, then fill a basin of water with a bottle cap full of the stuff and just splash away! If you’re too lazy, just splash the product onto your skin and pat in into your skin while you’re in the shower, taking full advantage of the water’s pressure. When you’re done with splashing around for about a minute, wash it off and repeat! The idea comes from the age old tradition of Korean women splashing rice or flower infused water for great skin.


Bubble Mask

What do you call a powder puff and exfoliator hybrid? Well, a bubble mask! You might mistake this for a puff, but when buffed into wet skin, it actually bubbles up on your skin into a sudsy lather that works as a gentle exfoliator and is then rinsed off. In short, you basically have a milk moustache all over your face – or froth face. The benefit: the bubble mask is infused with super ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to give your skin an instant boost of goodness. 




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