Tontouring: The Laziest Hack For A Lasting Sculpted Face

Naaila Khan

Don’t we all hate that feeling of having to cold-bloodedly wipe off a full, #onfleek contoured face that probably took a whole hour to achieve? Even if it was all for a few hours on a night out and maybe a couple selfies. Well, say hello to ‘tontouring’! Invented by beauty guru and founder of Cocoa Brown Tan, Melissa Carter, the at-home technique gives you a contoured face that lasts up to a week. How does that happen? Strategically applied self tanner, that’s how! It’s enough to make you wonder why you never thought of it before. As soon as the Irish makeup guru demonstrated how to master it on her Snapchat account, fans went berserk over the sculpting ritual.

All it takes is a four-step procedure, a steady hand that’s familiar with contouring and dime-sized portions of tanning moisturizers. Here’s a guide if you find yourself in the mood for some experimenting this weekend:

1/4 BASE

Start by applying a base of light facial self-tanner all over the face a subtle, overall glow. Don’t go too dark with this one – you only want to create a sunkissed foundation for your contour. If you have paler skin, using a gradual tanner is a good idea – it’s also pretty much goof-proof because it doesn’t create a stark effect. Now, wait for it do its job.


Next, pick a fake tanner about two shades darker than the base and using a stippling foundation brush like Carter recommends, apply the tanner on the forehead along the hairline, blending as you would to create a contour. Carter prefers using a mousse formula because it’s oil-free and won’t clog pores or emphasize wrinkles. Less is more when it comes to this technique, so use tiny amounts.


Then with the same tanner, sweep a streak under your cheekbones from ear to mid cheek with an angled contouring brush. She suggests applying a little bit of tan down the sides of the bridge of the nose, under the tip, and a bit on the chin.


Blend it out evenly with your fingers or a Beauty Blender – whatever works for you. Lots of blending is key to keep the whole look natural and believable.

Now just wait a few hours! If it doesn’t turn out quite as you expected, use your regular contour kit to fill in any bits you might have missed.

Makeup artist Wayne Goss decided to give the technique a go, and we quite like how it turned out. Have a look below. Happy sculpted face week!



Carol Gracias and Nethra Raghuraman photogaphed by M.A.C Cosmetics backstage at Pankaj and Nidhi, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW 2013.



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