12 Super Stylish New Girls In Music Who Are Set To Dominate 2017

Naaila Khan

While everything from fashion to political milieu is spinning on its head right now, at almost turn-of-the-decade time, it doesn’t really come as a surprise when the field of music has now become a whole new playing ground.

Today, we don’t just have musicians who have exceptional musical credibility, they’re also pretty polished and glossed up when it comes to their style. They can be put in the same bracket as some of the biggest fashion influencers in the world, and still emerge more popular, and that’s thanks to their personal style/glam squad in part.

Check out hottest young artists to watch out for this year, because they’re gonna be killing it in both the talent and style department this year!


Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara might’ve been around YouTube a while, but her single ‘”Here” that played everywhere from Kylie Jenner’s Snapchats to memes is what shot her to instant fame. "Here" reached No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts, but since then, Alessia has only expanded her mainstream pop audience. Her follow-up single, "Wild Things," topped radio charts and her don’t-give-a-damn yet lowkey personality reflected in her inspiring videos only added to the charm. The girl believes in dressing in her regular ripped jeans-bomber jacket uniform on stage while performing as well, and that’s pleasantly refreshing today.

Her third entry on the Hot 100, "Scars To Your Beautiful," aimed to encourage with an uplift accompanied by a chugging '80s soundscape: "You should know you're beautiful just the way you are," she sings, and the millennials across the world can be heard cheering in agreement.


Camila Cabello

Ever since Camila Cabello dropped the bomb about her decision to quit her wildly popular girl band Fifth Harmony, questions about the girls’ split haven’t left the young, newly solo singer’s trail. Rumours fuelled by her ex group mates indicated that Camila didn’t really do her best in cooperating with the four girls, and ditched group therapy sessions meant to help save the band.

But controversies aside, if you haven’t really noticed Camila’s personal style before, it’s probably because the Fifth Harmony girls always coordinated their looks. They wore often dressed in the same color palette (usually black or red), and basically twinned (X5) with their outfit choices. For example, they all wore cutouts to the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. But now that Camila Cabello is all on her own, the singer’s taken matters into her own hands and is doing a pretty good job of dressing herself up.

The Cuban-American singer is partial to crop tops instead of regular shirts, and really channel the rocker chic vibes more often than not. Most importantly, girl’s not afraid to experiment.



We all know Daya has a natural talent for fizzy, arena-sized pop songs – remember her chart topping collab with The Chainsmokers, “Don’t Let Me Down”, that was heard at every club from here to Timbaktoo? With a record breaking song that's amassed 180-plus million streams on Spotify including guest vocals on a platinum-certified single, Grace Tandon, better known by her stage name Daya (pronounced "dey-uh"), is clearly not someone to overlook.

Her radio-ready, synth-driven pop sound, with subtle tinges of R&B and indie, have a slight Amy Winehouse feel to it, and so does her style. Specifically, a super chill, easy going style filled with crop tops, bandeaus, denim, lots of chokers and tons of black.

She switches up her uniform once in a while on the red carpet, though for the most part, a slogan tee and dungarees are really what she seems to like.


Dua Lipa

London-based Dua Lipa's sultry vocals and hip-hop-inspired pop beats have not just managed to catch the attention of the music industry all the way from the UK to the USA, earning her a reputation as one of 2016's fastest rising stars, but one look at her glam-grunge look and you know she's one to watch out for this year.

With her new single “Hotter Than Hell” dominating the UK charts, and her single “Be The One” already on every kid’s playlist, the singer is all set to achieve greater heights in 2017.

But what’s special too is the girl’s style that has managed to draw eyeballs, and bolstered her already groovy tunes. Her style diary is for the average newcomer – it’s already a mature, heady mix of young millennial rockstar-chic and powerful grown up outfits. She isn’t afraid to go all leather or go all metallic, and it’s inspiring really, though she admits Urban Outfitters is probably where you’ll find her when she’s out shopping: “I feel like I can find anything there, it's really fun.”


Era Istrefi

Last year, singer Era Istrefi, a 22-year-old olive-skinned Albanian bombshell from Kosovo, suddenly became an all-out Internet sensation, thanks to her international hit “Bonbon,” making Istrefi one of Eastern Europe’s hottest stars of the past year. Recently, she dropped her next single, “Redrum”, where she basically looks like they got her straight from backstage glam room at the fashion week shows.

But what struck everyone as much as the music, was her super fashion forward style that her Instagram fans are obsessed with. Vogue even referred to her as the ‘Rihanna of Eastern Europe’, so you get the idea.

She says: “When it comes to fashion, I really don’t know how to describe myself, because I really have no idea what I do. I just look in the mirror and try to complete the picture of me fully dressed in my own eyes, in my own perception. I don’t really pay attention to what clothes I wear, to what colors I use . . . but, for example, today I wore two different socks; one is pink and one is green.”

Well, if what it takes is mismatched socks, slay away!


Noah Cyrus

You probably imagined Miley Cyrus’ little sister’s music to be as kooky and up tempo as hers, but 17 years old Noah Cyrus seems to be writing her own rules. The latest Cyrus family member to join in on the musical dynasty started by the patriarch, Billy Ray, and right in the footsteps of Miley and her older brother Trace, who’s in the pop-rock band Metro Station, Noah is definitely making people sit up and take notice with her music.

Though her voice sounds slightly similar to Miley’s, her singing prowess is anything but amateur, and she’s managed to already build excitement around the announcement of her debut album – her 3-moth old collab single featuring Labrinth, ‘Make Me (Cry)’ already earned her a live spot on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Style-wise, she seems just as comfortable in a tee and jeans as she does in a sexy, sheer number, so her voice probably isn’t all she shares with big sis.


Olivia O’Brien

When Olivia O’Brien’s breakthrough single “i hate u, i love u” featuring Gnash came out, it was common knowledge that it is likely being played within a half-mile radius at any given time. The enigmatic singer-songwriter melodiously unleashes a can of #majorfeels on her listeners, as she croons about a complicated relationship. Should we drop a bomb though? “i hate u, i love u” was written when O’Brien was merely 15 years old.

So considering, her state of style right now is pretty turnt right now. In her new single ‘Empty’ that released a few weeks ago, you see the gamut of looks that the singer successfully pulls off, from poolside loungewear to all out fur with thigh highs, but her personal style is clean, casual and super on point, if it had to be described.


Ray Blk

If you haven’t heard British songstress Ray Blk’s new album, Durt, stop in your trakcs and do it ASAP. Not only does the 23-year-old R&B artist dish out some of the deepend, richest vocals we’ve heard in a while, she’s also a big crusader of addressing issues from social injustice to female empowerment within her honest lyrics. Her collaborations with on “My Hood” with Stormzy and electronic mega producer SG Lewis are nostalgic of old soulful artists such as Amy Winehouse and Biggie Smalls, so if check her Soundcloud out, stat.

And just like her lyrics, her style is nothing less than powerful. From popping prints to sweatshirt-oriented, her style definitely deserves a look too.


The Aces

Who’s the new HAIM, you wonder? With their dancefloor-worthy, sun soaked songs, it’s probably these four teenage girls from Utah pop outfit, The Aces. Their debut track "Stuck" is pop and rock enough to be in the same vein as The 1975 and HAIM, but there’s a whole new sound they bring to the table.

The band consists of Cristal Ramirez (vocals, guitar), Katie Henderson (guitar, vocals), McKenna Petty (bass) and Alisa Ramirez (drums), and if you want to know their style, just picture a ’90s pop rock girl band with a current flavour.


The Japanese House

If you thought this artist was a band, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The Japanese House is Buckinghamshire-born Amber Bain, who has recently been touring with pals and label-mates The 1975. And if you’re wondering where the name came from, it’s from when a 6-year old and realized she had stayed at Kate Winslet's house called The Japanese House, on a family trip.

Her music is lush electronica, with synthetics that effectively tug at your heart strings, leaving you to think in silence. Her song ‘Still’ is a perfect example of the aesthetic. Her style? A pair of signature high waisted blue jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt.



Judging by her sultry voice and high fashion vibes, Tinashe is well on her way to becoming the next R&B icon. While the songstress has been in the news I past for her rumoured relationships with Nick Jonas and Future, she’s clearly been concentrating on duties before cuties. Her killer dance moves are also quite the deal makers.

The Joyride singer, songwriter, and actress apparently pretended to playact with a long piece of cloth as long hair at age 3, and now at 23, she’s a full-fledged style queen. When the singer first popped up on the scene in the early 2000s, her style consisted of crop tops, sweatpants, baseball caps, and sneakers, and has now transformed into a more feminine aesthetic. 


Zara Larsson

“Never Forget You”, “Uncover”, Lush Life” and of course her UEFA Euro 2016 collab with David Guetta, “This One’s For You” – Zara Larsson has birthed more hits than is acceptable really, for a newcomer so fresh on the scene. Are we looking at the new princess of pop?

If we are, it would hardly be a surprise, considering the girl’s top style on screen and off. Who does she have to thank for it? Veteran celebrity stylist Marcus Paul, whose roster of clients include names like LeBron James, Pusha T and Desiigner. How he describes the popstar’s style: “Perennial, effortless and individualistic”.


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