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Throw Some Shade This Summer With Vogue Eyewear

Meghana Rabindranath

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you see yourself 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned well from the world of fashion is that being yourself goes a long way. Vogue Eyewear spreads the same message among the young women today, who are on the go and who don’t conform to the standards set by others and of course women with their own view of the world and themselves.  

The latest campaign by Vogue Eyewear highlights the importance of real beauty that comes from being unique with the hashtag #ShowyourVogue.  Being real, having a solid point of view with a resilient personality, sounds like our kind of girl. Beauty goes beyond physical appearance, but some cool frames added to a wicked personality is always a bonus.

We love the latest collection not only because of what it stands for but hey, we’re a sucker for a good pair of shades. So if you're the girl who likes a metal twist or rainbow colour this breezy collection is for you. Shop the collection online for the coolest looks yet. 


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