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We Found The Perfect Skinny Jeans!

Komal Basith

Regardless of where you fall on the trend-follower scale, you can’t deny the lasting power of the skinny jean. They’re a fail proof, go-with-everything wardrobe staple that show no signs of going out of style, regardless of how much the fashion industry tries to nudge us in new directions - 70s-inspired flared jeans, 90s-inspired boyfriend jeans, et. al.

You’d think the perfect pair of jeans would be easier to find considering they’re such classics, but coming across a pair that hits at the right point on your waist, gives you a butt that just won’t quit, offers just enough stretch and just fits like they were made for you? Holy hell, is that tough.

We’re all about the idea that fashion is democratic, that women should feel amazing regardless of who they are, where they’re from, and what they look like – so when Levi’s put out a line of skinny jeans that they claimed would fit pretty much anyone of any body type or shape? Colour us intrigued.

There’s plenty of research that went into creating a line of skinny jeans that fit women across the board, and a lot of it has to do with technology – namely, creating a fabric that stretches and snaps back, resulting in the perfect skinny jean – one that holds you in, closer than Ryan Gosling does in your dreams, slims you down and doesn’t start sagging at the knee and butt after a couple of wears.

We sent stylist Allia Al Rufai and fashion designer Vir Shete out into their stores to test the claim and they reported back with such glowing reviews that we decided to try them out for ourselves.

The ladies of Jossbox represent a pretty varied spectrum of shapes and sizes, after all – and we’re happy to report we all came back pretty pleased with our new favourite jeans.

Here’s what we had to say!

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