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Komal Basith

It’s been about three years since I decided to get serious about my fitness by learning how to box. I’d never been a ‘big’ girl, but this was about more than just wanting to lose the couple kilos that hadn’t budged in years – I wanted to make getting fit and staying fit a part of my life instead of one of those things I did before I had something special coming up, and I knew that to do that I’d have to challenge myself – and make it fun.

Since then, I’ve fought in two amateur level fights and learnt more about life than I expected to. It’s odd how fitness, the kind that works for you – which for me (and several others, as it turns out), involves being as far away from gyms with treadmills and classes like Body! Power! Pump! Zoom! Roomba! as possible – can do that to you. It can push you to your limits and, in the process, show you who you really are.

It was this experience that inspired my partner, Omer, and I to create The Transformation, a Jossbox original series in association with Tetley Green Tea that follows 19 contestants on their journey from being overweight to fighting fit at Bangalore's Fitness Fight Club.

While the contestants aren’t training to become fighters like I was, they’re following a similar program to the one I followed three years ago – a combination of functional fitness and martial arts. 

The Transformation already has 425,000 viewers, which makes me feel like we were right to think we weren't the only ones passionate about colouring outside the lines when it comes to fitness, and I'm so proud to finally be able to introduce it to you!

We’ll be posting previews of the following episode every Friday on Jossbox and TheTransformation.in, with new episodes out every Wednesday.

Meanwhile, catch up on Episodes One, Two, Three and Four, watch more videos of the contestants and get personalised diet and workout info by visiting TheTransformation.in.

Thanks for watching and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts - drop me a line here!


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