What Does Balayage Mean?


Before you think I’m writing about a new curse word, lets get the meaning of balayage straight, shall we? With its French roots, the word literally means ‘sweeping’ which is what your colorist does to your hair when you ask for balayage highlights. Instead of systematically coloring and wrapping up sections of hair in foil, balayage is a more free-hand technique during which the hairstylist pretty much paints your hair, giving you a more natural, sun-kissed color.

What is also means is, no touch ups – because the beauty of the technique lies in fact that it’s easy and asymmetric. And #HairGoals to the max – expect your hair posts on Instagram to be seriously lit, just like that gorgeous color.

Incase you weren’t convinced already, here are 10 Instagram posts that will make you head straight to the salon:

What it looks like while it’s being done


When it’s all dry and styled

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Here’s a before and after


Even a simple braid looks gorgeous

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Short hair and balayage, why not?

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You could try it with bolder colors if you’re feeling experimental


It will look like this if you have straight hair

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And this if you have wavy hair

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Curly haired girls can try it too


Sigh…just look at how amazing it looks in slow motion

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So yes, getting that ombré is great, but going balayage is so much better!  


Anushka Mulchandani



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