What To Do About Your Oily Skin In The Winter

Komal Basith

If you didn’t already know that winter is well upon its way, turn the TV on or flip through pretty much any magazine, where ads for products that restore moisture to dry, cracked, winter-ravaged skin abound – understandably so, since this is the time of year when most skin types need hydration the most.

If, however, you find that you welcome the months between October and February for the brief respite it offers you from greasy skin 24/7 then first off, congratulations! You’ve managed to sidestep the most uncomfortable time of year for most of us regular folk.  Next: you’re going to need some products!

The mattifying, oil-nixing skincare that worked so well for you when it was warmer will likely be too harsh for your skin come winter, when you’d do well to switch them out for gentle products that don’t strip your skin while still delivering optimum hydration.

Kiehl’s makes some great products with this exact purpose in mind; the Ultra Facial Cleanser, Calendula Herbal Extract Toner and Ultra Facial Cream. Used together, they make for the perfect winter skincare regime – gentle, softening and just hydrating enough to keep your oil-prone skin glowing, not greasy. If you’re planning on stocking up, now’s a great time, especially with the Calendula Toner and the Facial Cream – they’re both part of a limited edition collaboration with 70s-era pop art icon Peter Max, known for his colourful, hippy dippy prints, making for some pretty sweet additions to your bathroom sink!

Available at Kiehl’s stores nationwide. 


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