Why Don’t You: Recreate Valentino’s Easy Breezy Ballerina-Inspired Beauty

Komal Basith

Freezing that one brief moment on a hot sweaty day when you look just perfect. 

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You know how there’s always that moment on particularly hot days when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you don’t hate how the heat’s added just a bit of sheen to your cheekbones and artfully mussed your hair, which is in a bun because it’s too damn hot, just enough to look sort of artfully undone? That’s my favourite beauty look of all time, which is why I squealed when I saw it on the models at Valentino this season.

Now I know you’re thinking there’s nothing special about throwing your hair up in a bun and calling it a look, especially when it’s your go-to on days when your hair needs a wash, but stay with me – because what elevates this from ‘I was too lazy to wash my hair after the gym’ to flat out gorgeous is:

a) The deliberate flattening of those tendrils at your temples to give you that ‘I just got out of practice and am all glowy” look, courtesy a tiny bit of hairspray and

b) Strategically placed highlighter for more of that glowy-not-sweaty goodness. I’m talking on your cupid’s bow, up your cheekbones and down your nose and chin.

Finish with a bit of lip balm and you’re set.  The best part about deliberately creating this look versus letting nature do its thing is that the latter lasts about one hot minute before it degenerates into a sweaty mess, while this lasts all day, courtesy a bit of highlighter, hairspray and some good old makeup setting spray. Go forth and be glowy!


Tamara at Venkat Charan Talent photographed by Gokul Rao Kadam.

Makeup by Sehar Khan. 

Tamara is wearing the River Island Stappy Dress available at StyleBank.in




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