You’ll Be Wearing This Purple Reverse Smokey Eye All Weekend


It’s Friyay! We know you’ve crammed your weekend with plans and you’re raring to go, but hold up – your signature weekend look is right here. A smokey eye is a universal favourite, but just turn that style upside down and make it a pop of colour, and voila, you’ve got yourself a fun, sexy look for an eventful end of week! Besides, all it takes is literally 5 steps and some base level makeup skills – you’ve got to try this out.


Step 1

First up, you want to get your eyes well-prepped for the punch of colour coming its way. So starting by applying a shimmery, light shadow evenly all over the eyelid – a good way to create balance. We used M.A.C’s Eyeshadow in Girlie – the shimmer helps your peepers stand out.


Step 2

You want to also create some depth to your eyes, so getting some matte shadow in a darker colour into your crease is a good way to do that. Here’s how the shimmer and matte look side by side, so you can see the difference in texture.


We used the shade Undone from the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette, but any deep brown matte shade will do.


Step 3

Next, time to get down to the smokey part – using a small, flat brush, brush a nice purple shadow under your lower lash line, sweeping it in from side to side. We used the purple shade from the Morphe Brushes Zodiac Smokey Eye Palette, but how bright you want to go is your call!


Step 4

Finally, we used a creamy, purple pencil (M.A.C Studio Chromagraphic Pencil in Rich Purple) under the lower water line to give some more definition and colour.


Step 5


Give your lips a touch of nude or just plain old balm, and there you have it – go own the weekend!


Payal at Prasad Bidapa Model Management photographed by Gokul Rao Kadam.

Makeup by Sabrina Suhail. 






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