You’re Going To Be Obsessed With This Korean-Inspired Ombré Lip

Naaila Khan

You must’ve hear of the ombré/gradient lip a while ago –Korean women are downright crazy about it – but you probably never bothered trying, because the just-sucked-on-a-lollipop pout does seem like a lot of work. However, I can attest that’s not the case at all – I tried it out for the very first time the other day and had it clocked down to three minutes flat. Not bad at all for the sweet, coquettish look it creates, huh? Couple that with doe eyes and you’ve got yourself a full doll face for when you’re in the mood.

The pigmented lip only takes three steps to achieve – we asked Sera to volunteer her pout so we could show you!

1/3 BASE

To prolong the fade out as long as possible, it’s important to use a primer so the lip colours have something to hold on to – even your regular base like foundation/BB cream/concealer works to bring out the true colour of the hues. So step 1, apply a base – make sure your lips are chap-free in advance.

Next, swipe on a nice, thick coat of your lighter base colour, as you would normally apply lipstick. Again, matte colours tend to have a longer payoff – a creamy lipstick won’t stay as long.

What we used:


Use the darker colour either from the product’s tip/wand or with a brush, and dab it onto the inner lips where they part – a liquid lipstick works well for this because of its consistency. Warning: do not press your lips together if that’s a habit!

What we used:


By this step, you’re overcome with pride because you just created double-dimensioned lips! All you have to do now is blend a little in an outward feathery motion with a lip brush, but make sure not to bring it all the way to the lip line. You could also add a coat of clear gloss to add extra dimension – careful not to smudge your artwork though!

And there you have it – a doll-like pout you can sport any season! We bet this one’s making it to your under-5 minutes makeup routine.

Makeup by Sehar Khan on Sera Maria Malayil.


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