Your Quest For The Perfect Foundation Ends Here


When you’re on the lookout for makeup, there are a few boxes you often try to check off. Does it match your skin-tone? Does it provide enough coverage? Is it good for your skin? Is it organic? Sure you might tick one or two of these, but finding ALL in one product? It sounds almost too good to be true. Until now that is.

While we were just about done celebrating Sephora’s Mumbai launch, the mega beauty store went ahead and added COVER FX to their already impressive list of brands.

Introduced about 16 years ago, the celebrity-favorite brand offers all the products a person could think of for their base makeup. From about 40 inclusive shades of foundations, to concealer, illuminator, setting powder, primer and their super functional custom cover drops – there’s no way you’re leaving the store without finding your perfect shade.

While this was enough to keep our excitement levels high for quite a while, Sephora decided to take it up a notch. COVER FX is easily the world’s largest brand providing skin-tone based makeup, but it’s a highly functional one as well.

Their Custom Cover Drops can make your favorite skin products, like primers, oils, and moisturizers into the perfect shade of concealer or foundation. 


They also have a customizable Click Stick which lets you pick from your cover, color or enhance sticks and make it perfect for while you’re on the go. 


So lets recap, shall we? It’s got your shade, it’s parabens, fragrance, talc, gluten and mineral oil free. And it’s vegan. Now, would you agree if we called this the holy grail of face makeup?


COVER FX launches at all Sephora outlets in India this August.


Anushka Mulchandani


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