Your Saviour This Summer: Dry Shampoo

Naaila Khan


The sun refuses to stop blazing and though that has its own credits (cheers to Vitamin D and pool parties), it seems like hardly a few hours before it's threatening to bring your hair down, flat and lifeless. But we think we have a champion for that amidst us! It looks like dry shampoo is going to be your definitive saviour this summer.

Why is this lazy-girl hack a boon this summer? Well, constant sweating spells a ton of extra hair washes, and if you already have an oily scalp, washing your hair too frequently will sadly, only produce more oil. Enter dry shampoo. Exit water and regular shampoo (for as long as you deem necessary). Hello fresh looking hair!

Typically in powder or spray form, dry shampoo is made of absorbing agents like rice and corn starch, solvents, conditioning agents and fragrance that suck out the excess grease and sebum from your scalp and cloak it with a pretty scent. 

Additionally, for those dearly holding on to their coloured hair by avoiding as many washes as they can to prevent it from fading, using this stuff is a good idea. It also doubles up as a versatile styling agent – swap it with your regular hairspray to create volume at the roots.

Here's bunch of various dry shampoos for different hair needs; go ahead, take your pick. Trust us, you’re going to thank us for this. Happy summer!



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